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Andrea Hoppe

Executive Coaching

What I do

Out-of-the-box coaching – thinking – training

I do not stand for one approach only but am always process-oriented
and make it a point to follow systemic, solution-oriented and constructivist tenets.
In order to change things, I find that the “inner attitude“ is always decisive.
  • Board member – senior executive: the air sometimes gets thin at the top. Do you have anyone you can get down to brass tacks with? Do you have anyone who‘s a good, professional and trustworthy dialogue and sparring partner?

  • You have a lot of expertise, yet you do not convey that when communicating with others. You do not manage to bring accross what you intend to and what others would expect from you. How can you change that?

  • You are successful, but you could be even more successful if your staff were more involved. How could you achieve that?

  • You deliver speeches, are in the public eye and yet sell yourself short?

  • In 2013, an article in the Harvard Business Manager mentioned that friendliness and expertise lead best. What does that mean to you? How could you implement it?

  • Neurobiologist Gerald Hüther says that people can only change ‘unfavorable attitudes‘ if we “invite, encourage and inspire them“. As executive, how do you do that?

  • “People don‘t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.“ (Simon Sinek) How do you create a pull with your staff, colleagues and superiors?

Management of Self
and Organisations

Profile and Personality Coaching:

› Self-efficacy and personal impact as executive
› Tools and instruments for authentic and transformative leadership
› Reflection of own leadership behaviour and claim

Leadership Communication:

› e.g. Challenging and supporting staff; leader as coach

Brilliant Leadership

Professional reflection of a leader‘s role, coaching for integration/change of position
› The first 100 days – Moving about confidently on the ‘political stage‘

Management of Self and Organisations:

› Self-efficacy
› Strengthening of individual stamina
› Dealing with stress effectively
› Delegating – prioritising
› Acknowledging and pursuing own needs
› 4th generation self-management – why time management alone no longer suffices nowadays

Corporate Culture:

› A good working environment – the company‘s success
› Change processes
› Conflicts
› 24 hour feedback – feedback as an attitude

Executive Development: Seminars – Workshops – Trainings – Moderations
on any topics in the field of leadership that you can think of.
Please get in touch to find out which options I could propose on your topics.

Who I am




Both as an executive and as staff to executives, I went through many ups and downs. Nowadays, many of the things that my clients speak to me of during coaching, I know from my own experience. I have always been fascinated both by facts and figures, as well as interpersonal topics.

As coach, connecting knowledge gained in my economic studies with my own practical experiences in the business world as well as ‘soft topics‘ are tremendously important and precious. My numerous trainings in psychology are a valuable asset, starting from Businesscoach, Systemic Coach, Organisation Constellations, a number of personality analyses, as well as many more – it is this very mixture that constitutes me.

I like building bridges so that you can get your own ‘stumbling blocks‘ out of the way, regaining your full energy, while at the same time remaining or becoming authentic.

This is what motivates and drives me.

Regards, Andrea Hoppe

Deutscher Internationaler Trainingspreis
Gold medal awarded by BDVT (2011/2012)
Andrea Hoppe together with co-vadis


  • "I‘ve had a number of coachings already, but you are the one who brought me to actually implement my projects..."

  • “...Totally professional and authentic... In the course of the seminar, you pull the strings at any given time. You are always present and yet remain in the background...
    You give participants the room and space to develop tremendously...“

  • “Your mix of dynamics and calmness, paired with a lot of humour and subtlety is truly convincing...“

  • “A very professional top-level sparring partner, contributing both by questions as well as opinions, which leads to very good insights and results.“

  • “...Actually you just told me that I did just about everything wrong in my team meeting... I can take that from you, because you always give me the feeling of wanting to make me progress...“

  • “...You start off by listening to me well and then ask a lot of questions that widen my perspective and enable me to find my own solution...“

  • “You can even give very direct feedback, and yet I always feel appreciated...“

  • “You took me to my very limits, but it was good to do so...“

  • “‘Why don‘t you become a bit more assertive?...‘ I couldn‘t stand hearing that question any more... Now I know how to actually put it into practice...“

  • “...Objectiveness in conflict solving talks does not imply that I become a stone mask... The art consists in being hard but fair... That‘s what I realised during the coaching...“

  • After a staff meeting, an employee mentioned to his director: “You have changed a lot. When giving a speech, you really get to the point, you are much more inspiring and even your charisma has changed...“

  • “You‘ve got just the right balance between efficiency and a human touch.“


Andrea Hoppe
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